Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exams and Term Papers

As some of you may know I am in my third year of University. I likely won't have anything to write here for the next couple weeks due to all the exams and papers in my near future.

To my American readership Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artists and Music Lovers!

I have been asked by my good friend Sleepy from Baltimore to post this around. It is a live internet broadcast he and a friend are working on. Check it out! (And send your music if you want.)

9pm est - 1am est.

Indie artists...send your mp3 to be played.

Include track name, artist(s) name, and location and contact info.

All videos are archived at:

Need to advertise your website or business, email me at

Come support me and join in the chat and in the discussions.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Best Blog Award Nominees

You will see that I received the "Best Blog Award" from SunTiger in the below entry. I will now nominate 15 new recipients. In order to claim this award you must post the blog award pic below, give a link to the blog of the person who nominated you and pick 15 new nominees. Here are my 15 nominees for this award:

Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking Blogs:
Although I had to temporarily give up my vegetarian eating habits due to the mandatory school mealplan that does not support healthy eating for vegetarians I have found many great recipes on these blogs!

Herbivoracious Excellent recipes and pictures that leave you drooling for more!

Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen Enter the kitchen and see what is cooking! Specializing in Indian cuisine there are definately some keepers among these recipes!

Vegan Lunch Box Great lunch ideas for vegetarians and vegans. Elegantly presented!

Fun Blogs
These are themed blogs and otherwise all-around fun blogs!

Coffee Messiah A blog of coffee and art. Appealing to distinguished coffee drinkers!

Uniquely Tea A blog about tea as the name would suggest. So grab a cup and sit down and read!

The Unexpected Life of the Green Frog The photographic journey of a world-traveling frog.

Presurfer The Presurfer surfs the net for the awesome and unusual and then posts links so anyone can take a look! Great fun!

Personal Blogs

Life's Free Treats A wonderful blog about life and its free treats! Take a gander!

Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker A personal life journey through pain to find light. Another wonderful blog!

Roll Call A great blog of heart-warming stories and sometimes jokes and personal life stories as well!

A Life in Indigo A personal blog of pictures and poems.

Another Dumpsite A blogger I have been visiting since the days of journalspace. Sometimes opinionated but always a great read!

Photo Blogs

Island Blog A photo blog of life on British Columbia's coast, particularly Gabriola Island.

Charleston Daily Photo I have followed Joan Perry in her blogs since the old days of journalspace. Her amazing photography brings joy to my heart each time I visit her blog. Also Check out her other blog: Concrete Thoughts

OutHouse Capital of Canada Photo blog of a Canadian blogger! Absolutely fabulous!