Friday, August 12, 2011


Today I spent 3 hours working serving coffee to a large portion of Brandon residents. Friday is Pay Day which means full bellies for everyone! Me, my car, the government, local merchants, farmers, and factory workers. I chose to buy local so that most of my money would stay in the community some highlights of today's purchases include: Alpine Grain bread, cottage cheese and dill perogies, and cabbage rolls. This afternoon I need to find a new pair of shoes for work and see if I can acquire some fresh grown corn from one of the farmers. It is raining so they might not be out selling. I really would like corn for dinner! Only a six hour shift tomorrow lies between me and my weekend! Hurray!!!

How did you spend your Friday? What are your plans for the weekend?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Orange Haired Man

I had the weirdest dream last night. There was a family reunion and it was full swing, with strange relatives and the usual mayhem, but something was really odd about the town where we were having it. People started disappearing at night and during the day people were shot at. My brother and I, and two of my friends (or perhaps cousins) ended up hiding in a cave. We couldn't really trust anyone outside our small group. In the dream my brother and I were children, my brother still a toddler who was not yet steady on his feet. One time when we were hiding in the cave with no light because people were coming inside looking for us I saw a man in the back of the cave and he disappeared down a tunnel. So we followed him. We came to the man's house which was peculiar and full of machines and strange items. The man had bright orange hair like the Mad Hatter in the new Alice in Wonderland and he was tall and thin with an olive green trench coat. He ended up taking in my brother and I. I have no idea what happened to our family. My two friends still had family in the village and would do a paper route. I'm afraid it might have been safer for them had they lived with us. We were not allowed to leave the orange haired man's walled house because there were dangerous things outside. When I followed the orange haired man to one of the gates one day he went out to retrieve a birthday present for my brother and had to be very careful because there was a motion sensored tank stationed outside the gate aiming to hit anyone who might come out. The present for my brother was a red plaid book bag. The only time we were allowed to leave was to go to school and the orange haired man would take us there directly and pick us up afterwards. That was the only time I was allowed out. But sometimes I would end up out anyways. I had a high awareness for the paranormal. I would see ghosts and things and end up outside the gates after following them. During the day I would be thinking I was afraid to go outside and agree fully with the orange haired man, but strange things happened at night. At night nothing was the same. One night I ended up out and I saw a baby boy alone in a cellar near some shops with a giant vulture. I asked the vulture what it was doing but it was the baby who answered. "Go away, you'll wake it up! I am looking for my father. You are ruining everything." I should have left but I wanted to know what he was talking about. I was with my two friends because I had seen them out on their paper route. A ghost came and took my two friends in a golden light and they all disappeared. Whispers started in the town. About the orange haired man and his walled house, about me and my brother and how everyone would disappear when we were around. About how I stood alone in the school yard. One day the orange haired man showed me a project he was working on. He was a scientist and inventor but also sometimes he was a vampire and he had once been batman. He still had all the things from the movies like the car, etc. He had two pools of water. One was salt water from near the village and one was the village tap water. He was throwing different food items in and they disappeared at different rates. Junk food and vegetables disappeared slowest. Fish and meat disappeared fastest. We saw that there were long, almost translucent worms in the water. They were like leeches or parasitic worms except their feeding was more frensied. We realized they were after blood. Because we were aware of their presence we became engaged in a deadly game with them. It was like tic tac toe on a huge board, but using spikes and chains of two colours as the pieces. we drove in spikes to try to get 3 in a row. If we got 3 in a row a chain would go across and the enemy pieces would try to pull on the chain and dislodge the pieces or snap the chain. If unsuccessful we were able to pass but if successful they we would not be able to get back in and they would get us. The worms were behind most of the disappearances. They would sometimes take on human hosts and become vampires. Our house alone was safe. Luckily we only had to worry about the worms at night so we could pass in and out during the day with only the danger of being shot at. But I could not help getting caught outside at night. Because I was trying to get my friend back from the ghost. The worms liked salt water most so we figured they had come from there but they were now in the tap water, except ours. Because the orange haired man had his house off the grid.