Monday, October 21, 2013


So earlier today I watched this video:

It was a big coincidence I had been thinking about honesty a lot lately and how it affected my life. You see, I have been having this feeling lately like I need to be more genuine. The trouble is, it doesn't always work well. For example, in job interviews. I am quite sure a few of my job interviews this summer didn't go too well because I was being too honest. That said, if I have to lie to get a job, I'm not sure that I really want it. I don't care if it is what people would call a "white lie," it's still a lie and lying is a curse. If you aren't being honest with your employer from the get-go that surely spells that things aren't going to meet either of your expectations in the long run.

Also, coworkers don't really want to know about you, they just want to make small talk. The truth is I really hate small talk. It is a whole lot of saying nothing. Things are so much simpler without it.

I feel like I need a change. If I could work for myself I could avoid some of these problems, but I feel uninspired as to what I would do to be self-employed. I'm rather bad at self-motivation.

Anyways, if I hurt anyone's feelings... it is because I am trying to be more honest. And honesty is sometimes not what people want to hear.

(And I am honestly tired, so forgive my spelling/grammar.)