Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Success and Fear

Lately, I have felt out of touch spiritually and have been looking for a solution. Tonight I stumbled on this guided meditation by my friend, Tami Jackson, which I found to be very helpful. It helped me to relax enough that I was able to talk to my inner self and to spirit guides to get the information I needed to move ahead.

There is a lot of fear in today's society and fear can keep you from achieving your dreams, speaking up, standing up for your beliefs, and generally enjoying life. Fear can make you sick. It can ruin your relationships. The bottom line is fear is extremely destructive. How do you overcome or manage fear? Here are some good ideas:

Humour, positivity, and laughter also vanquish fear. Remember to never discount your fears. Acknowledge them but don't let them keep you from doing anything. My guides told me that one thing I need to work on is positive speech. I have long held the view that no word in the English language should be off limits if it accurately expresses a feeling. However, my guides tell me there is some wisdom in making certain words taboo. It is not the words themselves, but the negative connotations that can influence your life in a way best avoided. They also suggested I read more because it will expand my current bank of positive words to use. I have been avoiding reading lately because frankly I find a lot of new books to have disappointing plots. I guess it is time to peruse the library...

My guides also say correct diet is important to a positive, happy, and healthy life. I am not going to suggest any specific diet, because only you will know what is best for you! For me I need to eat less junk food and reduce allergen intake. Oddly enough I feel less inclined to curbing my erratic sleep schedule until I need to for professional reasons. My natural sleep schedule is what is best for my current needs.

The other important thing is to do what you enjoy. I love drinking tea, cooking good food, meeting up and chatting with friends, doing creative activities, taking long walks, listening to chill music, and a myriad of other things I'm too lazy to list off. Do what you love. Never feel guilty about it. Be accepting of other people as they do what they love. Be humble and gracious in the face of praise. Love your life. Be Happy.

It really is that simple, and yet it is so easy to forget. Relax. Do the meditation above. Master your fears. Do what you love, and remember that people who criticize you are just upset because they haven't mastered their own fears yet. Fear makes people mean, and it is hard for fearful people to acknowledge your success. Laugh it off and be patient. They'll get there eventually.

Also, you don't have to believe in the supernatural or in spirit guides or any of that to be successful. Just follow the steps. Believe whatever you want to believe and achieve what you want to achieve! All of this free of charge, but you have to do the work!