Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Science Lesson

Today I taught my first lesson. It went reasonably well. Classroom management issues were not any higher than I expected for an exciting activity. (We went outside to observe the wind.) The children will tell you what they think though. Apparently they don't like my writing. I wrote very legibly but the class is very set in routines and that was likely the issue. The was a glitch using the overhead projector so we defaulted to using the whiteboard. I am relatively pleased with how things went and acknowledge today was likely bad timing for this lesson because a number of the children have come down with a cold or flu and were not feeling well at all. I am hoping we will have time for the tornado tube experiment on Monday. Tomorrow is already packed solid with activities and then Friday is a Pro-D Day.

I made bread pudding after school and now I am exhausted and ready for a nap. So much to do though! Halloween planning.... Social Studies planning... maybe I will just go to bed early.

As for yesterday's picture, it is of Halloween coloured pumpkin seeds. We will be using these in Math as manipulatives for Addition using Ten Frames and also for patterning!


So I have been working on a number of projects recently. Last Thursday I made homemade bread. It turned out pretty well for my first attempt.

I also started student teaching. I am working on lesson plans for Grade 2 math, science, and social studies. In science we are studying Air and Water in the Environment. Since we are reading The Wizard of Oz in English I thought a tornado-tube experiment would be only fitting!

Today I went to Bulk Barn to get orange and black dye. Judging by my conversation with the cashier she was guessing I was making a cake with orange and black icing. Here's what I actually made:

I'll let you try to guess what they are and what they are for! Answers to come in my next entry!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Yoghurt Treat

Thanks to my cousin I have a lovely jar of homemade plain yoghurt! Normally I mix plain yoghurt with no-sugar-added jam but I was out. Instead I tried something new and it was amazing! I added 1/2 a teaspoon of honey, some powdered cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and a handful of pecans to a bowl of yoghurt. Then I added granola. The result was absolutely delicious! Next time I will leave out the honey because it was sweet enough with just the cinnamon and cloves! What a treat!