Monday, September 24, 2012

My Moon Over Eggy

No, that doesn't mean I'm PMSing! Moon Over Eggy is another name for Eggy in a Basket or Eggy in a Blanket. 

In this case I was attempting to make this:

What I actually made was this:

I have a few theories of why, and some tips for anyone who wants to try themselves.

1.Capsicum (bell peppers) are very expensive in Thailand so I made the slices thin to make more egg flowers. Thicker slices would be more ideal to containing the egg. Alternatively, a smaller sized egg.

2. My griddle has bumps in it. A flat surface would work better.

3. I had seen tomato put in the bottom to prevent leaks out the bottom. This only perpetuated the problem with the capsicum slices being too thin.

4. Thai eggs are free-range. As a result they have a thick shell but very soft yolks that often lose their shape. I guess you can't have everything!

5. I cooked the bell peppers a bit before adding the egg to prevent the bottom from leaking. This seemed quite effective. It was over flowing that was the problem.

Luckily, I am resourceful and saved dinner: