Friday, October 14, 2011

BU Strike - Education Forum

-status of student teacher vs volunteer, all students will NOT be volunteers
-must have a Faculty Advisor
-check email that was sent around
-no students should be at a disadvantage (not thinking about the context and what this means for the strike, thinking only of the students)
-you have the choice to go on practicum or not, no special accommodations will be made
-lock out vs. non-lock out
-all students will be evaluated, although some will not have a face-to-face faculty advisor - this is personal experience and research that this is an appropriate way to deal with this at the moment
-the dean will be our faculty advisor if we don't have one
-we will trouble-shoot as we go along if this does not work for everyone
-of primary importance is our relationships with CTs
-self-assessment component for non-face-to-face advisory
-dean thinks that assessments are equal, will look at it again as it unfolds - evidence based decision
-the senate is the one making the decisions of penalty to students for not crossing the picket line
-that is his answer at this time but it may change in the future
-you have to follow your conscience - with that comes responsibilities
-he would love to hear from us if we have anymore concerns

-MTS and Dean are in conversation (not necessarily in agreement but in advisory with each other)

MTS President:
-is impressed with how seriously we are taking this matter, and is very hopeful for the future of the MTS
-MTS concerned about quality of education
-public schools act requires schools to welcome student teachers
-labour relations - another worker could refuse to do anything not related towards their job
-this is a non-issue because no CT should end up being a faculty advisor or doing their work
-if a CT does please call dean of ed or MTS
-labour laws prohibit them from a definitive
-province does not allow strike action by teachers, we are an essential service
-if there is a dispute with your school then they should call MTS and student should call the Dean/MTS
-it is up to BUFA to ask students for their solidarity and up to the individual to decide their stance
-this is a BU/BUFA matter, this is not a joint undertaking.
-you will have some form of FS, but some are not the traditional sense of the word - MTS will not judge at this time if this will be valid - this is up to the department (dean)
-supervised student teaching is mandatory - have supervision from CTs and faculty of education - the liberty model is partly a faculty choice, partially a discussion - this may be flagged (seems to think it is mostly up to the discretion of our faculty however)
-feels unprepared to give clear answers, normally it takes at least a week to look over the facts and he has had only 2 days

 -BUFA/faculty do not want you to lose out on here
-they want you to have a successful practicum
-you are pawns in this situation
-Faculty advisors will be crossing the picket lines if they go into the classrooms because they are BUFA members
-this sort of communication with staff and students should continue
- the union has been very helpful to her in her own life
-interrupting the practicum would cause everyone to go back to the table
-it is not required that a different union not go to work in support of different union, there are different ways to show support
-is shocked the administration is threatening students about their education

-all students will be protected in the protocol and not penalized for classes missed
-if this doesn't happen then the Administration are the ones that didn't agree
-please contact if you have questions or are concerned that you are being taken advantage of my Administration or BUFA
-you should not have to compromise your values for your education
-BUSU will advocate for all students
-be confident in your decisions for next week, whatever they may be

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