Sunday, September 26, 2010

Personality Tests

In my Classroom Management class we asked to complete a Myers-Briggs personality test. As I had already completed one I just dug my results out of my cardboard box of papers I need to keep. Our assignment was to write a paper on how our personality type might affect our classroom management style. While my personality test results sound a lot like me I do not really see them as the sole factor contributing to how I deal with any situation. Nothing is ever that black and white. I view the results of personality tests quite similarly to how I view results from IQ tests, they are good for some things but are generally over used. I hear some companies will hire employees based on their personality type. This seems like discrimination to me. Then again my personality type is apparently "The Idealist." I guess I'll sit here surrounded by my positive affirmation quotes, listening to tranquil music, and imagining a perfect world.