Friday, December 6, 2013

A Letter to La Senza Canada

La Senza Canada
To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to make a suggestion regarding your products, specifically bras. I have been shopping at La Senza for approximately 10 years, and up until recently have found your products to be high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, functional. In the last 2-3 years there has been some change in the way you make your bras. Push-up/padded bras have become a popular style. While I agree that some people may find these appealing, since it is considered to be beautiful to have a large bust, I naturally have bust size working in my favor when it comes to cultural expectations. What I am saying is, I have a D cup. I don’t need padding. It looks ridiculous to make my bust any larger than it already is, and furthermore, padded bras don’t fit right. If I buy my size at your store in a non-padded style it fits perfectly. However, when I buy a padded bra, I fall out. Why? The cup is too short because the padding takes up most of the space where my breast is supposed to go.

Every time I walk into your store I immediately ask for a non-padded bra in my size. The sales representative shows me about two, plain, boring options that are in stock and then informs me they have a sale on padded bras. There is no sale on the non-padded bras making them at least double the price. The sales representative suggests I try on the padded bras because they are sure I will find, “They are actually very comfortable.” One sales representative, who was a fair bit older than myself actually told me, “Honey, when you get to be my age you’ll appreciate the extra support.” Well, thanks for that evaluation, but right now I could really use a non-padded, well-fitted, and functional bra! 

The last time I was in your store I purchased one non-padded bra for $48 and two padded bras at 2 for $45. News flash. I have worn the padded bras about twice in 6 months because I fall out, and the non-padded bra gets worn so often it almost needs to be replaced. In addition, the padded bras have straps that constantly come loose from their fastening. They have those “flexible straps” that you can move to make an x pattern over your back or leave straight. Now I have had bras with those type of straps before and they have never come undone as many times as these straps do!

So here’s my suggestion. You can continue to make padded bras in the smaller sizes; I know people who buy them. But please, anyone with a C-cup or higher doesn’t need them! Offer more selection of non-padded bras, and would it kill you to put them on sale sometimes? I would appreciate it!