Thursday, April 23, 2009


Tomorrow is my birthday! I turn 21.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Freestyle Apple Bobbing

Today I went for a walk with my dog after work. I was surprised to see an apple bobbing in the creek. I went down for a closer look and then saw there were 3 more. I grabbed one for my dog.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Now the violets are blooming. Violets are my favorite flowers.

Still no daffodils yet!

Friday, April 10, 2009


So the snow is pretty much melted here and it is warm enough I dug out my capris and sandals. The crocuses are in bloom as well so of course I snapped some shots.

Now I am waiting for the daffodils! :-)

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Saving Money Tips

Chocolate: I love chocolate. in order to cut costs when buying chocolate I buy Waterbridge Belgian Dark Chocolate bars from Walmart. They are huge and just under $4 Canadian (Regular chocolate bars are about $1.25 and these bars are 4-5 times as big). Eating one square a day they can last a few weeks and have less of the junk in them than the junk chocolate bars you find near the cash registers.

Magazines: If you are going to buy magazines don't by anything that is not going to strengthen your mind. Therefore if you must spend money on magazines something like a National Geographic is preferable to the latest Star magazine. Also don't buy any magazine that has tips for saving money in it. Usually these magazines are around $10. Basically you are being duped. You will ose more money than you are likely going to save. For the most part I don't buy magazines except for the occassional science magazine or a magazine with recipes.

Clothes: I used to work at Value Village, a huge department thrift store. For this reason I am used to getting quality clothing items for as low as $1 Canadian. I shop at thrift shops, or stores like liquidation world. And if I do shop at other stores it is almost solely off the discount racks. Shop out of season for even better deals! I got my winter jacket for next year this way. Regular $124, down-filled. It cost me $19. Who can argue with that mark down?

Food: Don't buy junk food. It may seem cheaper but it doesn't fill you up and can leave you feeling ill or cause you not to sleep well. It is worth it to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy choices. I also never buy cookies. You don't need cookies! And if you do think you need them buy some flour and sugar and milk and make them yourself. If you need convenience food I like the lentil or black bean soup cups from President's Choice. They taste good, are filling and nutritious and all you have to do is add hot water. Also don't buy lots of condiments. A lot of condiments, such as BBQ sauce are easy to make in the quantities you need and then are also not cluttering up your fridge.

Toilet Paper: Buy toilet paper on sale and stock up. It doesn't go bad.

Transportation: I have a car. I spend about $20 a week on gas. This gets me to and from my appointments and work and out to see my friends once a week. If I need to go shopping I go after work to save a trip. If I have errands I wait until I am going into town for an appointment. Otherwise I walk, bike, snowshoe or cross country ski. If you live in a city a public transportation pass might be a good way to go.

TV: I don't watch cable or satellite because I don't have them. I have one channel that I don't have to pay for. If there is something good to watch I'll watch it. Otherwise I'll pick up movies from time to time or watch different things on YouTube or other similar sites. Quite often I find videos posted on YouTube far more entertaining than feature length films. I also make good use of the library for books and movies. When I get tired of my old movies I take them to the local trading post and trade them for other movies I haven't seen.

Birthday Cards: Have paper and Pencil Crayons/Felts? Use them. Don't spend $5 on a Hallmark. That's ridiculous. If you like the saying in one... use it. But make your own!

Credit Cards: I have a debit credit card with no overdraft. I put money in the account then spend it. It earns me credit history but I never go into debt.